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Welcome to Manu Armata's guild website, we are a Casual raiding guild on The venture Co.-EU that aims to progress.

If you are a member please sign up, and if you like to become a member please fill in an application form. To see what we are recruiting atm please look at the information bar left off the website.

About us:

Our goal is to maintain a friendly, supportive, mature, 'inclusive', long lasting raiding guild capable and willing to raid end game content. As much as possible we aim to make Manu Armata a guild where members feel they are appreciated and regular members can have a say in how the guild is run.

Raiding with Manu Armata is about working as a team, there is no 'blame', shouting or tantrums; we work together to solve the 'problem' that is downing the boss. For us the fun of raiding is in the learning, the conquering of new challenges. There are no arguments about loot either. People do have other commitments outside of the game, so although progression is important to us, in reality it is not our top priority in life ;)

We raid every; Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Monday from 22:00 - 23:00 Usually we will drop the monday raid if we are on farm mode.

We look for People who know their class and try their best, who understand that teamwork is often more important than being top of recount. People that read up on tactics, have a high situational awarness and are up for a challenge. All members should be capable of behaving in a mature adult way while playing their char with the 'Manu Armata' tag! This means that we dont want: Retards, little kids, drama queens, idiots and ragers!

We do not tolerate abuse, abusive terms, behavior that could cause offence or more than the occasional swear word, even in jest or abbreviated in any chat channel whether private or public.

We offer you regular raids in a friendly supportive environment, where we understand that other issues (health, partners, jobs, actual physical contact with other human beings etc) can come before playing a game. Mostly we are friendly and helpful and generally someone is around to help with enchants, advice etc. We also encourage regular communication via the website, Ventrillo etc. We will have a class leader for each class, this person will not be someone who says: you need to pick that gem or that specc, but rather a player who nows there class so good that you can ask them any question you want and they will give you a rational and constructive(theory crafted) awnser to it.

Hopefully in-game, Arcanerz

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arcanerz, Nov 13, 10 7:26 AM.
We killed Blood queen yesterday, and did some nice progression on Sindragosa. 20%!!

ICC 10 first run

Khalias, Nov 6, 10 7:09 PM.
First ICC run and we cleared 7/12 ! good job guys :)

Raid Number 1

arcanerz, Oct 10, 10 5:31 AM.
We have put up a raid on the in-game calender. It will be a TOC 10 to start knowing eachother and start to maybe progress a bit. We do expect you to be on time and ready to raid 10 minitutes prior to the starting hour.


arcanerz, Oct 10, 10 5:29 AM.
There is still a lot to do but:
-Forum is up and running
-Applications should be working fine atm

We should be able to start raiding in some weeks.
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